EPA Requirements

As of April 22, 2010, anyone who conducts renovations, repairs, or painting in pre-1978 or child-occupied facilities must get certified. In addition to personal certification, there is also the requirement of getting your firm registered with EPA in order to ensure that you are not at risk to receive up to $37,500 in fines per day!

The new EPA RRP requirements apply to you if your project disturbs:

  • 6 square feet of interior lead paint surface AND/OR
  • 20 square feet of exterior lead paint surface

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So what are the next steps?

We've simplified this complicated process into 4 easy steps to make sure you're protected:

  1. Get signed up with our easy online registration for an approved EPA course
  2. Submit an application to EPA to get your company registered
  3. Make it through the 8 hours of training and pass the 25 question quiz in class
  4. Receive approval from EPA and you are good to go!

Does this apply to you?

If it does not, keep in mind that there's a great chance you MAY see a project like this come up in the near future...don't turn down work in these tough economic times!

Get certified with the best trainers around!

All trainers that list their courses on this website are approved EPA and/or State Providers, and their courses certify renovators to perform lead-safe work. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page for full details on the EPA's new renovator rules or contact customer support on this page.

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